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s the streaming cooking show ‘MasterChef India’ inches towards its semi-finale, the Top 6 home cooks – Nambie Jessica Marak, Mohammed Aashiq, Rukhsaar Sayeed, Suraj Thapa, Harish Closepet, and Nidhi Sharma experience the battle getting fierce.

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During one challenge between the homecooks, Nambie Jessica Marak impresses show judge Vikas Khanna with her mastery over black rice.

In the latest challenge, the homecooks need to create a dish using a key ingredient from their audition round’s presentation to secure a coveted spot in the Top 5.

The pressure is on, as the guest judges, Kunal Vijaykar, Rocky Singh, and Mayur Sharma, taste their creations and provide feedback, ultimately leading to the elimination of one home cook.

During the course of this episode, Nambie Jessica Marak emerges as a standout performer, with her dish, named ‘Noir’.

The dish comprises Black Rice Crepe, layered with Red Bean Paste, Pitha Icing, and Strawberry Coconut Sauce along with Rice Crackers and Candied Redcurrants. Noir showcases Nambie’s culinary talent.

Earlier, she had presented a pancake and rice cracker in her audition. Her presentation steals the show, so much so that Chef Vikas Khanna is compelled to take a picture of it.

Praising Nambie Jessica Marak’s creation, Chef Vikas Khanna said: “Nambie has consistently showcased her mastery over black rice but this time, she transcended all expectations.

“The precision in her layers, the balance of sweet and savoury and the sheer artistry in her presentation compelled me to capture her culinary marvel. Throughout this season of MasterChef India, this is the first time I felt the need to immortalise a dish. It is a shining example of Nambie’s extraordinary talent and the elevated standard she has set for herself.”

In response to Vikas Khanna’s admiration, Nambie Jessica Marak shared her elation, “The feedback validated the effort and passion I put into each creation. To be recognised by a chef of his calibre is an honour that means the world to me.”

‘MasterChef India’ streams on Sony LIV.

Nambie Jessica Marak's mastery over black rice impresses Chef Vikas Khanna

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