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s the radiant festival approaches, a time when homes are adorned with the aroma of delectable feasts fills the air, and laughter reverberates through the night, it's the perfect occasion to raise a toast to the spirit of togetherness and celebration. The festival is a symphony of love, gratitude, and moments shared with family and friends.

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This year's end, let us redefine the codes of celebration with a unique touch, one that adds sophistication to the festivity. At the onset, Diageo brings to you a few delectable recipes that promise to turn an occasion into a memorable and extraordinary experience.


Ingredients:  Johnnie Walker Black label: 60mlGulab jamun Syrup (or Sugar Syrup): 15ml Lemon Juice: 20ml 1 No. Egg whiteGarnish: Orange Peel Method:  Add ingredients to the shaker and do a dry shake.Add ice to the shaker and shake hardPour into a chilled whisky glass and garnish


Ingredients: Black Dog Scotch Whisky: 60 mlCinnamon Syrup: 15 mlWhite Wine: 30 mlApple Slice: 2Cinnamon Sticks: 2Ice Method: Grab a cocktail shaker and fill it with icePour Black Dog Scotch Whisky, Cinnamon Syrup, and white wine into the cocktail shaker.Shake vigorously to combine the ingredients wellUsing a cocktail strainer, strain the mixture into a rock glass filled with iceGarnish with two slices of apple and cinnamon sticks on the edge


Ingredients: Black & White Scotch: 60mlCinnamon Syrup: 10mlLime Juice: 20mlGinger Ale: 100mlIce: 3-4 Cubes Method: Fill your highball glass with some ice and pour scotch whisky into itLime juice and cinnamon syrup are to be poured on topTop it with ginger ale


Ingredients Godawan 01 Rich & Rounded – 50 mlCoffee / Cold brew – 40 mlBrown sugar / Honey – 20 ml Method: Shake well/or blend it with ice and serve it your choice of glassware, coupe or on-the-rocksGarnish with cacao powder / Coffee beans / Nutmeg, The Choice is yours


Ingredients: Godawan 02 Fruit & Spice: 50 mlSaffron syrup: 20 mlFresh lemon juice: 15 ml Method: Shake well and serve on the rocks

Ingredients: Godawan 02 Fruit & Spice: 50 mlBlack Assam tea / your favourite tea: 40 mlPeach Syrup: 20 mlFresh lime: 15 mlSoda: To top up Method: Add everything to a tall glass, fill it with ice and top up with SodaGarnish it with a mint bouquet / Orange Slice

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