Ahmedabad, December 4


he Gujarat Giants played out a nail-biting match against Bengaluru Bulls at the EKA Arena by TransStadia on Sunday. Both sides kept trading the lead throughout the game until the Giants managed to clinch the lead in the last couple of minutes and win the game 34-31. Sonu emerged as the best player for the Giants once again, scoring 12 points in the match.

Neeraj Narwal pulled off a magnificent raid in the opening minute of the game as the Bulls took the lead at 3-0. Moments later, Bharat backed up his compatriot and reduced the Giants to just two members on the mat. However, Mohammad Nabibakhsh pulled off a super tackle and helped the Giants stay in the contest in the 5th minute. Sonu picked up two raid points soon after as the Giants levelled the scores at 5-5.

Thereafter, the Giants and the Bulls fought a neck-to-neck battle as the scores were levelled at 9-9 in the 11th minute. But, Vikash Kandola pulled off a magnificent raid to reduce the Giants to just one member on the mat. Moments later, the Bulls tackled Parteek Dahiya and inflicted an all-out to take a decent lead at 14-11. The Bulls' defence unit continued to shine and helped its team race away with a big lead at 20-14 by the end of the first half.

Sonu effected a super raid in the opening minutes of the second half and reduced the gap between the two sides. Moments later, the Giants tackled Bharat and inched closer to the Bulls' score. However, Vishal tackled Nabibakhsh and helped the Bulls extend their lead in the 25th minute. But, the Giants continued to fight and took the lead at 24-23 after inflicting an all out in the 27th minute. Kandola effected a fantastic raid in the 31st minute, but the Giants still held the lead at 26-24.

However, Bharat effected a raid and Neeraj Narwal picked up a tackle point to help the Bulls reclaim the lead at 28-27 in the 36th minute. But Rakesh pulled off a brilliant raid and tackled Bharat to help the Giants take the lead at 32-30 in the 39th minute. The home side played its cards perfectly in the final seconds of the game and walked off the mat as winners of the game.

In today's matches Puneri Paltan take on Jaipur Pink Panthers in Game 1 while in Game 2, Bengaluru Bulls will be up against the Bengal Warriors.

PKL: Sonu shines yet again as Gujarat Giants defeat Bengaluru Bulls in humdinger

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