New Delhi, Dec 2


leopard was sighted near South Delhi's Sainik Farms on Saturday, prompting the Delhi Forest Department's wildlife team to launch a search operation.

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According to officials, two meat-laden traps have been strategically placed in the area.

"The leopard is still in the proximity of the location where the traps have been put, near the Neb Sarai police station. It was last spotted today near N Block, Sainik Farms,” said an official.

The objective is to either capture the leopard in the traps or monitor its movement away from the area.

If successfully trapped, the plan is to relocate the animal to the Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary, which is adjacent to the area, ensuring the safety of both the residents and the leopard.

As the search operation unfolds, residents and authorities remain on alert, with the Delhi Forest Department emphasising the need for caution and cooperation to ensure the safe resolution of this unexpected wildlife encounter.

Leopard spotted near south Delhi's Sainik Farms, search operation underway

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