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rishti Marine, the state-appointed professional lifesaving agency, has officially demarcated 'safe swim zones' along beaches.

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According to Drishti Marine, it is tasked with maintaining beach safety and maps weather and sea conditions each morning.

"Accordingly, we set up safe swim zones along the beaches. The zones are constantly monitored by the agency’s lifesavers," official said.

Drishti Marine's 450-strong lifesaving force patrols Goa's beaches throughout the year.

Drishti Marine lifesavers closely monitor 27 beaches across South Goa and 18 beaches across the North Goa stretch. While most beaches across Goa are safe to swim in, Drishti Marine advises beachgoers and swimmers to adhere to some basic safety measures.

To avoid accidents and deter people from visiting risk-prone sites, Drishti Marine has installed 52 'No Selfie' sign boards in such areas.

A total of 392 individuals have already been rescued from drowning off Goa's beaches so far this year by Drishti Marine's lifesavers.

Nearly eight million tourists visit Goa every year.

Goa demarcates 'safe swim zones' on beaches

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