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aare Zameen Par organization's mobile planetarium is a hit at the ongoing Bengaluru Tech Summit. The highlight of the event is the Chandrayaan 3 Pavilion, a creation of the organization, which has brought the wonders of the lunar mission to life through an innovative mobile planetarium system.

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Situated at the Palace Grounds, the Chandrayaan – 3 Pavilion has become the focal point for both the technologists and the general public attending the Tech Summit.

The geodesic dome planetarium, equipped with cutting-edge VR technology, offers an immersive experience of the Chandrayaan – 3 mission.

Deputy Chief Minister D.K. Shivakumar, along with Minor Irrigation, Science and Technology Minister N.S Boseraju and IT, BT, and Rural Development Minister Priyanka Kharge, inaugurated the pavilion and expressed delight at its innovative approach.

The major attractions within the pavilion are the Chandrayaan-3 satellites and rover. Dinesh Badagandi, the founder of Taare Zameen Par, led the creation of the Chandrayaan-3 prototype, garnering significant interest in ISRO's flagship space program.

Badagandi, a recipient of the Elevate – 100 award, has been instrumental in bringing about a positive change among students in the state government schools. Taare Zameen Par's mobile laboratory concept for school students has been a resounding success, reaching every corner of the state and educating 21 lakh rural students.

Speaking on the occasion, Dinesh Badagandi highlighted the organization's commitment to innovation and education. The semi-permanent geodesic dome, aligned with the "Make in Karnataka" policy, has significantly reduced the cost of the planetarium by 50%.

Attendees can manipulate and explore celestial bodies using a joystick and keyboard, offering an immersive travel experience through leading a lunar mission, navigating through space, or docking at the International Space Station.

Chandrayaan-3 pavilion a hit at B'luru Tech Summit

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