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oJo Siwa has made no secret of the fact that she leaned on her "older brothers" Nick Viall and Cameron Tyler to get her through the rigorous challenges of ‘Special Forces: World's Toughest Test’.

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And, it seems she's also open to their dating advice, reports People magazine.

She even jokingly pitched a reality show where the ‘Bachelor Nation’ stars might use their experience looking for love on camera to help her find a special lady to spend the rest of her life with.

When asked if the three, who formed a close bond while filming season 2 of the boot camp-style reality series, might be teaming up on camera again in the future, Viall teased: "Yeah, it's going to be the fearsome threesome ... we'll have our own show or something."

"Perfect," chimed in Siwa.

"Nick and Tyler find me a wife!"

"There we go," Nick said, even pitching a title, ‘Nick and Tyler: Matchmaker’. Siwa then added, "We're going to get Tyler on Dancing with the Stars."

As per People, Siwa is coming off a grueling stint on the boot camp-style reality show, from which she self-eliminated during Monday's season 2 finale.

"I've never quit anything," she said in a confessional interview while footage of her in the interrogation room showed her whispering to herself, "It's time to put my personal life first”.

She told Directing Staff Mark "Billy" Billingham while opting out: "You know, I've had an incredible experience here. And I've learned a lot about myself. And I've learned that I've put my career in front, way more than I have a more personal life."

She added, "Even though I didn't make it to the end, I made it well beyond what I thought I could.”

JoJo Siwa proposes dream reality show where Nick Viall, Tyler Cameron find her love

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