Margao, November 28


fter Jamshedpur FC's disappointing 1-0 loss against FC Goa at Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Margao on Monday, the away side's head coach Scott Cooper said that the home side deserved to win the game.

Speaking at the post-match press conference, Cooper heaped praise on the Goa-based franchise and said that they are a good team.

"Congratulations to FC Goa; they are a good team, and we have to respect that. FC Goa played more directly today, which surprised me a little bit. Overall, they deserved to win the game today," Cooper said as quoted by ISL's website.

The head coach said that in the final minutes of the game, the Jamshedpur-based club just had one target in the box.

"We can say that we had more passes, but that is just passing. We have to look at the final third. We had two chances to score early on in the game, and we hit the target just once," he added.

He added that the decision-making of his side was very poor when they advanced the ball into the defensive third of FC Goa.

"We advanced the ball and got into the defensive third of FC Goa. When we got there, the decision-making was poor. The decisions in that last third cost us the game," he added.

Cooper further added that they came back in the game after they conceded the goal and after that, they started penetrating into the box.

"When FC Goa scored, we woke up a little bit, and then we started penetrating and going for it a little more. If that energy, aggression, and quality were present in the game from the start, we would have probably won the game," he added.

The home side clinched three points in an attacking contest where both sides put much effort into the game. Even though Jamshedpur FC had more possession in the match, FC Goa had more number of shots on the goal. Goa's Victor Rodriguez made the first breakthrough of the game in the 82nd minute with a well-taken header from a cross by Udanta Singh.

They deserved to win the game: Jamshedpur FC's Cooper after 1-0 loss vs FC Goa

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