Vadodara, November 28


s part of Vadodara's Heritage Week celebrations, a unique exhibition showcasing menus from restaurants and hotels across the globe was organised on Monday.

This collection, curated by Padmashree awardee MH Maheta, took visitors on a culinary journey through diverse cultures and cuisines.

Maheta, an avid traveller and food enthusiast, meticulously gathered menus from his travels spanning all continents. His collection, encompassing around 500 menus, reflects his passion for preserving culinary heritage.

The exhibition, held during Heritage Week, featured 250 carefully selected menus from a diverse range of establishments, from humble dhabas to opulent 7-star hotels. These menus showcased the culinary artistry and traditions of countries such as Thailand, Dubai, Egypt, Japan, USA, Malaysia, Nepal, England, France, Korea, and Mexico.

"Whenever I visited a restaurant, I would always inquire about the possibility of acquiring their menu for my collection. And if they were hesitant, I would even resort to 'borrowing' it discreetly," said MH Maheta.

Maheta's collection also included menus from village restaurants across India, highlighting the rich culinary tapestry of the country.

He recounted his anecdotes of collecting menus, including instances where he had to politely ask for a menu and even playfully 'steal' one when it was refused.

Vadodara's Heritage Week celebration showcases menus from across the globe

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