Jhiri, November 28


ivisional Commissioner Jammu, Ramesh Kumar inaugurated the week-long Jhiri Mela on Monday amid a grand ceremony.

Speaking to the media, Rakesh Kumar said, "Jhiri mela is the biggest fair attended by farmers. It has been inculcated in the tourism map as well. The 10-day festival is attended by farmers across Punjab, Haryana and Jammu, in which they are also briefed about the schemes and policies of the Government especially for the farmers. The mela also gives a boost to the local artisans and handicraftsmen."

The Jhiri Mela, on the outskirts of Jammu, commemorates the sacrifice of Baba Jitto, who gave up his life in protest against the oppressive demands of a zamindar about 500 years ago.

Hundreds of devotees flocked to the temple to offer their prayers on the occasion. Owing to its popularity, the event drew a large number of devotees from across the country.

Anticipating the huge rush, the UT Government has made elaborate arrangements to provide the visitors with a memorable experience.

A priest of the temple in Jhiri explained the age-old tale of Baba Jitto and Bua Kauri.

Speaking to ANI, a priest of Maa Bhagwati temple said, "Baba Jitto was a devotee of Maa Bhagwati. He is known as the 'Duggar loknayak' in the Duggar community. Baba Jitto kept fighting for the rights of farmers till his last breath and gave up his life for them. Bua Kauri, the five-year-old daughter of Baba Jitto, gave up her life after jumping on her father's funeral pyre".

According to legend, Baba Jitto was born in a village named Asgar Jitto, and was an ardent follower of Vaishno Devi. After being evicted from his village by his aunt, Baba Jitto started living in a blacksmith's home in Kanachar.

Jitto was asked to cultivate a barren land, with the assurance that three-fourths of the crop would be given to him. Jitto then worked hard to convert the barren land into fertile land which yielded a good quality crop.

However, he was later cheated by the landlord, who refused to give him anything. Jitto then took his life, following which his daughter jumped into the funeral pyre of her father.

J&K: Divisional Commissioner Ramesh Kumar inaugurates Jhiri Mela 2023

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