Vellore, November 28


ollowing the incessant recent rainfall in the Mordhana dam region in the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu, the dam has reached its full capacity.

Farmers in more than twenty villages in Gudiyattam taluks are elated as the groundwater levels will be recharged, proving beneficial for future farming.

However, this has also raised concerns among villagers and officials.

If the rainfall continues for the next two days, Mordhana Dam is likely to overflow, they said.

Officials are urging the government to repair inflow canals to store water from the Mordhana Dam.

Farmers are also requesting the district administration to divert the overflowing water to nearby lakes, which would be suitable for their livelihood.

Mordhana Dam, constructed across the Koundinya River, a Palar tributary, benefits 19 tanks in Gudiyattam and Katpadi taluks.

In the past week, the state has witnessed heavy rainfall, causing disruptions to normal life.

Heavy rainfall fills Mordhana dam in Tamil Nadu, farmers anxious yet hopeful for groundwater recharge

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