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ctor Ranjeet graced the red carpet of the 54th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa and talked about OTT and villain roles in his various films.

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Ranjeet told ANI, "Now, these days, there is a lot of vulgarity, dirty dialogues in the movies or OTT. I was a cruel villain, not a vulgar. So, I get due respect in every work of life, in any part of society."

He added, "I am very proud of it and they loved it. That's my profession and I have to justify it what I am doing. I have no Godfather. I have enjoyed the Film industry and it is a great line."

Ranjeet also told ANI that the villain roles he did in films doesn't affect his personal life.

He said, "Never, because my kids knew that this was my job because of the media. They knew that his father was doing a great job. Luckily, my wife takes care of them because I used to shoot 7 or 8 films in one day."

Ranjeet is best known for his villain roles in over 200 Hindi films.

He has also played a positive character in the TV series 'Aisa Des Hai Mera'.

I was cruel villain, not a vulgar: Ranjeet talks about his villainious roles

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