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ctor Sunny Hinduja, who is gearing up for the release of his upcoming streaming series ‘The Railway Men’, has opened up on his role of a journalist in the show which is loosely inspired by a real-life person.

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The whole process was very emotionally draining for him as an actor.

The actor said that he had to comprehend the mindset of the journalist and the potential impact of his article on the Bhopal disaster, and for the same he immersed himself in the interviews of the survivors.

In the show, Sunny takes on the character of Jagmohan Kumawat, a principled journalist. He embarks on a quest for justice to safeguard his city facing a monumental calamity in the face of one of the worst industrial disasters in the world.

Reflecting on his role, Sunny shared, "The character of the journalist I'm portraying is loosely inspired by a real-life person. The production team conducted thorough research, providing me with documents and research files to help me grasp and prepare for my character and the show. I delved into all available online resources, understanding the empathy of Jagmohan, who, aware of Bhopal's tragedy, believed the city was sitting on a ticking time bomb."

He continued, "He penned an article about it, and I had to comprehend his mindset and the potential impact. I immersed myself in interviews with survivors recounting the incident. Regular communication with the direction team was vital to grasp the nuances of the character. Understanding the human emotions, empathy, and gravity of the incident was crucial, given the scrutiny when addressing such significant real-life events. It wasn't easy, it was emotionally challenging. I hope the audience appreciates the effort I invested and the collective work of the entire team."

‘The Railway Men’ is a four-episode series directed by debutant Shiv Rawail, and revolves around the tragic Bhopal gas tragedy of 1984.

The series highlights the valour of the unsung heroes of the Indian Railways, who saved countless lives during the catastrophe.

Presented by YRF Entertainment, the series is streaming on Netflix.

Sunny Hinduja calls his 'The Railway Men' role emotionally challenging

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