Mumbai, Nov 16


unjabi singer-rapper Riar Saab, whose real name is Tarun Singh Surjeet Singh Riyar, has returned with multi-track Punjabi pop outing titled 'How I Love', and described it as heartfelt, genuine, and thought-provoking exploration of love.

The five-track EP arrives amidst the unprecedented success of the 24-year-old's widely popular single 'Obsessed' that has been extensively sampled by Indian cinema's finest actors.

Riar Saab said: "I got a lot of love on Obsessed, which made me realise that the audience is more receptive to my romantic pop vibe. I have based the theme of this EP around love as well, and it draws heavy inspiration from the experiences I have had on the personal front over the past year.

"How I Love is a heartfelt, genuine, and thought-provoking exploration of love, resonating with the soul and leaving a lasting impression on those who embark on this musical journey," he added.

The central theme of the EP spotlights the multi-dimensional tapestry of love and features guest vocals by Abhijay Sharma and Kunwarr. 'How I Love' encapsulates the depth and breadth of this timeless emotion.

Earlier this year, Riar Saab joined Indian hip-hop royalty DIVINE on the Baazigar Global Tour. The song EP releases on Thursday via Gully Gang and Mass Appeal India.

Riar Saab announces debut EP 'How I Love': It's heartfelt, genuine and thought-provoking

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