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very festival celebration involves a distinct selection of dishes and desserts. Consuming sweets may create a nice feeling and relieve weariness, but be cautious, take adequate precautions, and be conscious of one's necessities.

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Dr. Subhash S. Markande, a consulting ayurveda physician at CGH Earth, Swaswara, shares with IANSlife some principles to boost overall well-being, along with benefits and ways to incorporate them into our lives.

Consume hot and fresh foods only, and eat fried foods within three hours of preparation to ensure their digestive suitability. Plan your meals wisely. Drinking hot/warm water with food is always the best option to resolve many digestive issues during festivals. Consume boiled water as per individual requirements. Water boiled with coriander seeds or cumin seeds will be useful to support digestion.

Consume sweets at the early part of the meal, followed by sour and salt items, backed up by foods with pungent, bitter, and astringent tastes. If you feel heavy after meals, skip the next meal; support your digestion by not loading it again and giving it time to recover. If you have a low appetite, ensure that you have well-cooked and light foods until your appetite recovers fully.

Maintain the proper gap between meals; do not consume any kind of food in between. Consuming buttermilk processed with ginger, cumin, and rock salt in the lunch improves gut health. Avoid sweets, milk products, and fried food at dinner. Opt for light-cooked food or some soups instead.

Do not mix milk and milk products with vegetables or non-veg as they act antagonistically to each other. During the festive season, it is suggested to avoid non-veg to let the animals be at peace.

Dry fruits are a rich source of multivitamins and minerals. However, when processed with food items in sweets preparations, they can be heavy for digestion. Use dry fruits like cashews, almonds, figs, dates, raisins, lychees, walnuts, and dry grapes in moderation. Limit the quantity of other food while consuming sweets.

All fried items are heavy for digestion and consuming them early in the meal is advisable, but keep an eye on the quantity. Chew a small piece of ginger with rock salt or a pinch of cumin; it helps to avoid acid reflux.

Overdoing anything is not good, so maintain a balance in food proportions. Have heavy foods in lesser quantity and light foods in greater quantity, and consume appetizers in between to balance.

Expert tips to boost overall wellbeing this festive season

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