Guwahati, September 25


he domestic Cargo terminal at Guwahati airport has handled inbound and outbound cargo total of about 1,000 metric tonnes in the past three months including 146 tons in June, 411 tons in July and 426 tons in August this year.

The terminal is equipped with the handling of general and valuable cargo facility, DGR handling, temperature-sensitive cargo handling infrastructure like perishable, live-saving drugs, human remains, postal mail, courier and other commodities from Assam and the northeast region to various parts of the country.

The cargo terminal is currently 550 square meters in area and a new plan is being initiated to build an international cargo terminal building in the very near future.

"Assam and the Northeast have a very big untapped potential of perishable air cargo. Besides rice, tea and orchid, the region has several unique products that have appeal in the global market. Bhut Jalakia, pineapple, ginger, Kazinemu, and other daily used vegetables are some of the agricultural products this region may feed to a global community ranging from Dubai to Singapore," said the Chief Airport Officer.

"We are creating the infrastructure such that pluck to pan is within 24 hours. Holding hands with the Government of Assam we are creating the cargo market that may bring economic prosperity to the grassroot level of citizens residing in this region."

Guwahati Airport: Domestic cargo terminal handled 1,000 tonne goods in past 3 months

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