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he central government has extended stock limits on tur and urad by two months until December 31, besides revising the stock holding limits for certain stakeholders. Earlier, the stock limits on these two varieties of pulses were to end on October 30.

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As per a notification issued on Monday, the limit for stock with wholesalers and also big chain retailers at the depot has been reduced from 200 MT to 50 MT, and the limit for millers has been reduced from the last three months' production or 25 per cent of annual capacity, whichever is higher to last 1-month production or 10 per cent of annual capacity, whichever is higher.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution maintained the revision in stock limits and extension of the time period is to prevent hoarding and elicit the continuous release of tur and urad in sufficient quantities to the market and make the pulses available at affordable prices.

Stock limits applicable to each of the pulse individually will be 50 MT for wholesalers; 5 MT for retailers; 5 MT at each retail outlet and 50 MT at the depot for big chain retailers; last 1 month of production or 10 per cent of annual installed capacity, whichever is higher, for the millers.

In respect of importers, they are not to hold imported stock beyond 30 days from the date of customs clearance.

"The Department of Consumer Affairs is closely monitoring the stock position of tur and urad through the stock disclosure portal which has been reviewed on a weekly basis with the State government," the government said.

India is a large consumer and grower of pulses and it meets a portion of its consumption needs through imports. India primarily consumes chana, Masur, urad, Kabuli chana, and tur.

Centre extends stock limits on tur and urad dal till December

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