Kangra, September 25


ibetan Women's Association observed World Rivers Day in McLoad Ganj, Dharamsala on Sunday.

The officials of TWA organised an event on the occasion of World Rivers Day and said that the origin of major rivers of Asia is Tibet and China is diverting rivers and constructing dams over them, so it is our duty to protect these rivers and maintain a clean environment.

The first World Rivers Day was observed in 2005 and was proposed by Mark Angelo the creator of World Rivers Day. The theme of this year's event is the rights of rivers which calls for the designation of rivers as national treasures and involves preventing dumping or disposing of waste in rivers.

The environmental desk of TWA wished to draw special attention to Tibet's Rivers, which are home to some of Asia's, longest and most important rivers, including the Yangtze, Yellow River and Brahmaputra.

Tibet is known as the third pole because it has the most glaciers and the largest source of freshwater.

World Rivers Day is observed on the fourth Sunday of September. The day is celebrated to spread awareness of the importance of rivers, their conservation and the current issues.

Tibetan Women's Association observes World Rivers Day 

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