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n another episode of his monthly radio broadcast 'Mann Ki Baat', Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday appreciated Germany's Cassandra Mae Spittmann for her passion for Indian music and culture.

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In his address to the nation, PM Modi said, "Indian culture and Indian music are now global. More and more people worldwide are getting attracted to them."

The Prime Minister played an Indian song sung by Cassandra Mae.

"Such a melodious voice...and every word reflects emotions. We can also feel her attachment to God. You would be surprised to know that this voice is of a daughter from Germany. Her name is CassMae. 21-year-old Cassmae on Instagram is quite famous these days. German national Cassmae has never visited India. But, she is extremely fond of Indian music," PM Modi said after the song presentation.

Calling the German singer's passion "inspiring," the Prime Minister further added, "Such interest of someone who has never visited India, is inspiring. Cassmae is visually impaired since birth. But this challenge could not stop her from achieving this extraordinary...her passion for music and creativity was such that she started singing in childhood itself."

PM Modi said that Cassandra does not only sing in Hindi but in various other Indian languages as well.

During the 105th episode of his radio broadcast today, PM Modi said, "She was introduced to Indian music just 5-6 years back. Indian music fascinated her so much that she got completely engrossed in it. She has also learnt to play the Tabla."

"The most inspiring thing is that she has mastered singing in many Indian languages...Sanskrit, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada or Assamese, Bengali, Marathi, Urdu...she has sung in all of them," he added.

PM Modi also shared a song sung by Cassandra Mae in Kannada as well during the episode.

"I wholeheartedly appreciate the passion of Germany's Cassandra Mae Spittmann for Indian culture and music. Her effort must be quite overwhelming for every Indian," PM Modi said.

Overall, Prime Minister Narendra Modi played two Indian songs by the German singer in today's episode of 'Mann Ki Baat'.

Notably, Cassandra Mae Spittmann became well-known for singing several Tamil song covers, particularly devotional songs, and has won praise for her accuracy and nearly flawless enunciation of the language's lyrics.

Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi praises Germany's Cassandra Mae for her passion for Indian music

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