Varanasi, September 23


rime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that the International Cricket Stadium in Varanasi will not only benefit sportspersons but also boost the economy of the eastern Uttar Pradesh .

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Laying the foundation stone of the International Cricket Stadium in Varanasi, PM Modi said, "Today, I am privileged to visit Banaras once more, and the joy I experience in this sacred city is beyond words."

"The moon and Kashi are two abodes of 'Shiv Shakti' and today I congratulate you from one of these abodes of Shiv Shakti for our victory in landing on the other," he added.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasised the stadium's pivotal role in fostering the growth of youth in Purvanchal, terming it a boon for the region.

In his address, the Prime Minister also pointed out the auspiciousness of the day, coinciding with a month since India's Chandrayaan had landed on the Shiva Shakti Point on the moon.

"This location, Ganjari, strategically connects the revered Mata Vindhyavasini Dham and the city of Kashi," he said.

PM Modi also paid homage to the great figure of Indian democracy and former Union Minister Rajnarayan, who hailed from the nearby village of Motikot. Furthermore, the Prime Minister highlighted the growing need for such sporting venues with the increasing number of cricket matches on the horizon, positioning this stadium as a shining star that will meet the escalating demand for modern sports infrastructure across Purvanchal.

PM Modi asserted that the stadium would be a powerful emblem of India's promising future. He emphasised the integral role of Kashi, expressing gratitude for its unwavering support in every development endeavour. The Prime Minister stated that without the blessings and cooperation of the city, achieving development goals would be impossible.

He also underlined the far-reaching impact of sports infrastructure, asserting that it not only elevates the sports sector but also significantly stimulates the local economy. Anticipating a surge in events and visitors, PM Modi highlighted the subsequent benefits to various sectors, including hospitality, catering, transportation and sports coaching, envisioning a flourishing sports industry in Varanasi as a result of this monumental project.

PM Narendra Modi, who represents Varanasi in the Parliament, also shared his thoughts on the transformative changes occurring in the region.

In addition to the new International Cricket Stadium, a significant investment of Rs 400 crore is allocated for the reconstruction of Sigra Stadium, aiming to develop comprehensive facilities for over 50 sports. This upcoming multi-level sports complex is designed with a focus on inclusivity, catering to the needs of disabled individuals.

The PM highlighted other ongoing developments, including the synthetic track in Bada Lalpur, basketball courts, and traditional Akhara facilities.

He emphasized a holistic approach, intertwining sports with fitness, employment opportunities, and the careers of the youth. Moreover, he noted a substantial threefold increase in the Central Sports Budget for the year, underscoring the government's collaborative effort with athletes and its dedication to supporting them at every stage, from school to university-level competitions.

International Cricket Stadium in Varanasi will benefit sportspersons, boost economy of Purvanchal: PM Modi

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