Mandsaur, September 23


armers have suffered a heavy loss due to sudden heavy rainfall that occurred at Krishi Upaj Mandi in Madhya Pradesh's Mandsaur district on Friday evening.

The farmers at the mandi tried hard to save their garlic from water but due to the heavy rain, the garlic started flowing. It rained heavily for about an hour on Friday evening.

According to the farmers, there has been a loss of lakhs of rupees. But neither any market officer nor any leader has come to see. The farmers also claimed the construction of the shed in the mandi is not proper and there was water leaking in it.

A farmer Shyam Babu Dhakad said, "There has been a huge loss. The garlic has been swept away in the rain water. All the drains here are clogged. The water accumulated here from all the sides of the shed. We tried to save garlic but couldn't."

Another farmer Dinesh Dhakad said, "I had brought seven quintals of garlic. There was a loss due to the mistake of the mandi administration. I have suffered a loss of around Rs 35,000 while if we see overall loss in the mandi then it is estimated around Rs 25 lakhs."

Meanwhile, Mandi inspector Jagdish Bhabar said, "It was a natural incident and we don't have control over it. We have made proper arrangements but still there was heavy rain due to which water accumulated here."

Garlic crops damaged due to heavy rainfall in Krishi Upaj Mandi in MP's Mandsaur

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