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he president of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach praised the organising committee of the Hangzhou Asian Games for its arrangements and said he is looking forward to an Asian Games that will set new standards.

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Bach, who is in Hangzhou to attend the opening ceremony of the 19th Asian Games, visited the Asian Games Athletes Village on Saturday and interacted with some international athletes there.

Talking about his expectations from the Asian Games in Hangzhou, Bach said, "We can look forward to an Asian Games which will set new standards in many different respects. We have here a great number of new sports. We see an organisation which is making use of all the digital expertise which China and Hangzhou has to offer.

"We can look forward to Games which will be organised in a very sustainable way, with a reduction of the carbon footprint, with an extensive waste management system," Bach said.

"We can look forward to Games which the athletes will enjoy. From our conversation with a number of athletes, they are extremely happy with the conditions here in the (Athletes) Village, the IOC president added.

He said the venues are outstanding and the athletes are looking forward to giving their best.

"Most importantly with the (Athletes) Village, they are looking forward to shining in venues of these Asian Games which are just outstanding when you look at them as state of the art.

"All this combined with the Chinese efficiency and hospitality and organising, and the big smiles of the volunteers, so we can really look forward to a great event," he added.

While cost-effectiveness has been the regular bugbear for organisers of all multi-discipline, multi-nation mega-events, the organising committee of the Hongzhou Asian Games are promoting these games as low-cost environment-friendly Games with simplicity and sustainability as their aims.

Asian Games: IOC chief Bach praises Hangzhou for sustainability and low carbon footprint

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