New York, September 22


he foreign ministers of Quad group - which includes India, Australia, Japan and the United States - have reiterated their commitment to the complete denuclearisation of North Korea and have pushed North Korea for compliance with UN Security Council Resolutions .

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"We reaffirm our commitment to the complete denuclearization of North Korea consistent with UNSCRs, and we urge North Korea to abide by all its obligations under the UNSCRs and engage in substantive dialogue," read a joint readout issued by the Quad Foreign Ministers' Meeting.

The foreign ministers ofQu ad group met on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly session in New York on Friday.

Following their meeting, US State Secretary Antony Blinken posted on X, "Good to join my fellow Quad foreign ministers from Australia, India, and Japan on the sidelines of UNGA78. The Quad is vital to our shared vision for a free and open Indo-Pacific, and together we reaffirmed our commitment to uphold the purposes and principles of the UN Charter."

The meeting was attended by EAM S Jaishankar, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong, and Japan's Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa.

"Delighted to meet Foreign Minister of Japan Yoko Kamikawa at UNGA78. Exchanged perspectives on our Special Strategic and Global Partnership. Discussed our regional, multilateral and global cooperation and taking them forward," posted EAM Jaishankar on X.

EAM Dr S Jaishankar met Foreign Minister of Japan Yoko Kamikawa on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly session in New York.

After taking power in 2011, Kim Jong-Un of North Korea has ramped up its efforts to build a long-range nuclear missile capable of hitting targets around the globe.

North Korea recently conducted a test of its new Hwasong-18 intercontinental ballistic missile using solid propellants.

The test has drawn reactions from neighbouring countries, with Japan, South Korea, and the United States expressing concerns about regional stability and emphasizing the need for closer cooperation and denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

The Hwasong-18 is a North Korean Three-Stage Solid-Fueled Intercontinental Ballistic Missile .

It is the first solid-fueled ICBM developed by North Korea and was first unveiled in the February 2023 parade commemorating the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Korean People's Army.They are primarily used as strategic weapons for deterrence purposes.

It can be used to target military installations, such as command and control centers, missile silos, air bases, naval bases, and troop concentrations.

Quad nations reaffirm commitment to North Korea's denuclearisation, call to abide by UN resolutions

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