Kaziranga, September 21


he three-day Wildlife Crime Investigation training programme organised for the newly recruited 15 foresters at the Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve concluded on Thursday.

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The three-day training programme began on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, on September 19 where the foresters received training on investigation techniques, the use of correct procedures under the Wildlife Act, 1972, the Criminal Procedure and the Evidence Act.

As part of the training kit, the foresters received a newly published guide published by the International Rhino Foundation in Association with the Assam Forest Department.

"It will not only instil knowledge but also build their confidence in handling complex situations involving wildlife crime and by the passage of time, will increase the conviction of the guilty and make the law deterrent," a senior official said.

The training was a joint program of Kaziranga National Park, International Rhino Foundation and Aaranyak, one of the premier NGOs of Northeast India.

Wildlife crime investigation is essential knowledge given the seriousness of the global menace of illegal wildlife trade. It is said, that wildlife crime, is the fourth largest organised crime in the world.

Assam's forests and importantly Kaziranga National Park have not remained unaffected by this evil. Rhino poaching, which has seen a steep decline, due to credible efforts from the Forest as well as the Police, is still a threat.

Despite such great efforts from the Government, those who are involved in such clandestine trade seldom feel the heat as convictions in wildlife crime cases are low. The reason is the non-application of correct investigative procedures as laid down by the law.

Realizing this, the Kaziranga National Park authorities have initiated a series of Wildlife Crime Investigation Trainings for its freshly recruited Foresters.

Wildlife crime investigation training for newly recruited foresters conducted at Kaziranga National Park

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