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n a highly irresponsible move, online food delivery platform Zomato has been slammed on social media for tagging Gurugram Police in a "banana chips" post on X.

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However, the company later apologised and deleted the post when a user on X brought the matter to light.

Zomato on Wednesday posted an image of a packet of banana chips placed on a desk at its office. Next to it was a computer screen with the word "HELPPP!!!" typed in bold and block jumbo font size.

"Hello @gurgaonpolice someone brought drugs to the office," the company wrote, referring to the fact that banana chips are extremely addictive.

Sharing a screenshot of the post, X user Ravi Handa slammed Zomato, calling it "irresponsible behaviour from a listed company".

"They should not be tagging police handles just to score some likes or RTs on social media. Now someone from Gurgaon Police will have to respond to this and waste resources which could be better used elsewhere," he wrote.

Nearly an hour later, Zomato responded to him, agreeing with his views.

"Hi Ravi, you're right. Reading it from another lens, we realised it's an irresponsible and unnecessary tweet. We've taken it down and sincerely apologise," Zomato's customer care account wrote.

Meanwhile, several users in the comment section also expressed their views on this incident.

"@zomato @zomatocare You guys should fire your social media agency or shut down your social media handle forever. Just for the sake of few likes and engagement from teenagers #zomato stop spending crores of revenues of your investors hard earned money. #boycott #zomato," a user wrote.

"I don't believe there's anything to apologise for in this situation. The tag was used in a light-hearted manner, and it's ultimately up to the Gurgaon Police handle to determine whether they should be tagged in such posts or not," another user said.

Zomato slammed for tagging Gurugram Police in 'banana chips' post on X

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