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ctress Jasmine Bhasin shared why Lord Ganesha is called 'Vighna Harta Ganesha' and spoke about what all she prayed for this year.

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"Ganesh Chaturthi is relevant to everyone and celebrated nationally. I have fond memories of Ganesh Chaturthi from my hometown Kota, Rajasthan. I used to see a lot of Jhakis and dress up for the occasion and eat a lot of mithai," she said.

Her experience in Mumbai, therefore, is all the more special.

"After coming here I realised the Ganpati fervour spreads over many days. The atmosphere totally changes. From the time I am in Mumbai I have seen my friends getting Ganpati home, so I visit them and eat modaks as well."

"I feel the festive celebration is very cleansing for the mind and atmosphere of the city and Ganesha is called Vighna Harta Ganesha for a reason. I think we should surrender to God, he knows what is right and as faith can move mountains. I believe in living life one day at a time and have learnt it's nice to be important but more important to be nice," she concluded.

Jasmine Bhasin tells why Lord Ganesha is called 'Vighna Harta Ganesha'

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