Rashami Desai is 'extremely excited & happy' for Ganpati Bappa's arrival
Mumbai, Sep 19: Actress Rashami Desai shared she is very excited and happy with Ganpati Bappa's arrival and has been worshiping him since her childhood.  

The actress said: "Just like every year, this year too, I am extremely excited and happy. I have been worshipping Bappa since my childhood and he is an integral part of my life. In every way, Ganpati Bappa is of supreme relevance in our religion."

"Not only is he considered auspicious, but they say that no Puja is generally considered until and unless our dear Bappa's puja happens first. Owing to Covid-19, celebration in certain years had hit a roadblock. However, by God's grace, things are back on track and I am super excited."

Rashami added: "I am going to bring home Bappa at my place and I am also looking to visit a few special places. It's important to worship Bappa nicely. However, we must also follow the necessary guidelines issued in order to have a smooth festive time without any hassle."

Sharing more insights about her fun childhood memory, Rashami concludes: "Our family has been celebrating Ganpati Bappa's festival since childhood and right from my childhood days, I felt a deep connection with him. I always try to do good deeds so that his blessings remain with me and my family. No one is really perfect. However, we all can try to be that way and get as close to perfection as possible."(IANS | Posted on 19 September 2023, 1695336677 34O239O148O127)