Chennai, Sep 18


The Coimbatore city police have introduced AI-based facial recognition CCTV systems and metadata cameras for recognising suspects.

A senior officer with Coimbatore City police while speaking to IANS said " AI-based facial recognition camera is introduced for the first time in Tamil Nadu here in Coimbatore. Even the present system can capture the videos and photos of the suspected criminals but we will have to analyse it manually. The new system will give automatic alerts when a suspect is identified."

He said the AI system will match with the data base of criminals with the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS). Once the photo is captured the new system identifies the criminals in the database and give inputs and alert the control room.

Other than identifying the criminals, the AI system software can be used to verify the background of the criminals. Police can check whether any warrant was pending against these criminals.

Sources in Coimbatore police told IANS that the AI cameras can be used to help the police search missing children.

Interestingly CCTV modernisation is being carried out at a budget outlay of Rs 60 lakh and the money was generated by auctioning old vehicles of the police .

Coimbatore city police introduce AI-based CCTV facial recognition systems

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