New Delhi, Sep 18


rime Minister Narendra Modi on the first day of five-day special session of Parliament said that the old Parliament building will always inspire generations "as we move to the new building on Tuesday".

"We will move to the new Parliament building tomorrow, but this old building will always inspire the generations to come," he said in his address in the Lok Sabha.

He said that it is an emotional moment to bid goodbye to this building as there are many bitter-sweet memories which have been associated with the old Parliament building. Recalling his first day in Parliament in 2014, the Prime Minister said, "First time when I entered the Parliament as an MP, I bowed my head down and it was an emotional moment."

"I had never imagined that a man who spent his life on the railway platform would become the Prime Minister of the country, but this is the strength of Indian democracy,"he said. He also said that all of us are saying goodbye to this historic building.

"Before Independence, this House was the place for the Imperial Legislative Council. After Independence, this gained the identity of Parliament House.

It is true that the decision to construct this building was taken by foreign rulers but we can never forget and can proudly say that the toil, the hard work and the money that went into the construction was that of my countrymen," PM Modi said in his address.

He also said that in the last 75 years, many decisions have taken place in this House (old Parliament Building). "We (MPs) of the Parliament are like family members. MPs have always fulfilled their responsibilities despite health issues.

Some came in wheelchairs, some attended the proceeding after surgery...Even during the pandemic, MPs continued working for the country," Modi said.

"It is time to remember inspirational moments associated with this Parliament building before we move to new premises," he added.

Old Parliament building will always inspire generations as we move to new on Tuesday: PM Modi

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