New Delhi, Sep 18


rime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday urged all lawmakers to give maximum time to the special session of Parliament.

Addressing the media outside the Parliament building before the commencement of the five-day special session, PM Modi said, "I urge all members to give maximum time to this special session of Parliament." "This Parliament session may be small in duration but is big on occasion, it is a session of historic developments,"he added.

He highlighted the success of India's moon mission and G20 meeting during his remarks. "Shiv Shakti Point (landing site of Chandrayaan-3) has become a new centre of inspiration, Tiranga Point (location on the Moon near the lunar south pole where Chandrayaan-2's lander Vikram crashed) fills us with pride," said the Prime Minister. "An atmosphere of festivity, enthusiasm prevails in the country, nation feeling a new self-confidence," he said.

PM Modi urges lawmakers to give maximum time to Parliament's special session

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