Tripoli, September 13


ibya is racing to bury its dead as bodies pile up in the streets of Derna which has been devastated by flooding after a torrential downpour smashed through two dams, washing homes into the sea, CNN reported.

As per CNN, morgues are full in hospitals that remain out of service despite the desperate need to treat survivors of a disaster that has so far killed at least 5,000 people, according to hospital staff and officials from Libya's eastern parliament-backed government.

Authorities say that around 10,000 more are missing, potentially either swept out to sea or buried beneath rubble that's strewn throughout the city once home to over 100,000 people.

More than 30,000 people have been displaced by the flooding in Derna, the United Nations' International Organization for Migration in Libya said on Wednesday.

The significant damage to infrastructure in the region has made some stricken regions inaccessible to humanitarian groups. Only two out of the seven entry points to Derna are now available.

Emergency teams are searching through piles of debris for survivors and bodies, as officials attempt to honour Islamic beliefs that the dead should receive burial rites within three days.

Libya's minister of state for cabinet affairs, Adel Juma said "The Martyrs' committee identify the missing people and to implement procedures for identifying and burial of in accordance with Sharia and legal laws and standards."

The destruction caused by Storm Daniel has made a mammoth mission even harder for rescuers trying to clear roads and debris to find survivors.

The storm took out communications, frustrating rescue efforts and causing anxiety among family members outside Libya who are waiting for news of missing loved ones.

Ayah, a Palestinian woman with cousins in Derna, said she has been unable to contact them since the floods.

"I'm really worried about them. I have two cousins who live in Derna. It seems all communications are down and I don't know if they are alive at this point. It is very terrifying watching the videos coming out of Derna. We are all terrified," she told CNN.

Libya floods: 5000 killed, over 10,000 missing; search operation underway

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