New Delhi, May 28


elcomHeritage has announced a tie-up with Simpl for installment-based holidays allowing guests to book any hotel of their choosing from the WelcomHeritage website to avail of Buy now, pay later at the time of checkout.

Guests receive a confirmed booking on the website by paying only one-third of the overall purchase amount while paying the other two-thirds in a series of interest-free installments over subsequent months.

Speaking on the collaboration with Simpl, Abinash Manghani, CEO of WelcomHeritage said the main intention of the initiative is to make holidays more convenient and accessible for all.

"Easing the burden off our guests was the main intention behind this initiative. Everybody deserves a stress-free holiday - to be able to take a break, disconnect from the mundane to reconnect with nature and themselves, spend quality time with families, explore the world around them, immerse in luxuries and feel pampered, and experience life 'outside the frame' of otherwise hectic, monotonous schedules," Manghani said.

"With interest-free installment payments, we are looking to make these precious holidays more convenient and accessible for all. Our guests can now simply drive off to the hills or to the next WelcomeHeritage destination with only a few clicks and easy pockets too," he added.

A joint venture between ITC Ltd and Jodhana Heritage, established in the year 1997, "WelcomHeritage" represents the traditions of heritage hospitality and tourism in India.

First-of-its-kind for hospitality industry, WelcomHeritage announces 'buy now, pay later' offer

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