TikToks new model to detect borderline content

San Francisco, Dec 31: In an effort to age-restrict certain types of content, TikTok has said that it is working on a new model to detect borderline or suggestive content.

TikTok's new model to detect 'borderline' content

"We've always had strict policies prohibiting nudity, sexual activity, and sexually explicit content, including content that directs to adult websites or apps," TikTok said in a blogpost.

"We're making progress to reduce the prevalence of borderline or suggestive content recommendations overall, and are now launching the next iteration of our borderline suggestive model which we expect to improve detection of such content, therefore creating a more appropriate and comfortable experience for teen account holders," it added.

Earlier this year, the company introduced a new rating system, called Content Levels, to help it identify more "mature" content.

"Our aim is to quickly identify and remove violative content from our platform and prevent borderline or suggestive content from being recommended to or searchable by teen accounts," said the company.

Earlier this month, TikTok joined an initiative to prevent the sharing of non-consensual intimate images online.

The social media platform partnered with StopNCII.org (Stop Non-Consensual Intimate Image Abuse), which hosts a tool developed in partnership with Meta.

Social media platforms -- TikTok, Bumble, Facebook and Instagram will detect and block any images that are included in StopNCII.org's bank of hashes, reports Engadget.

TikTok's new model to detect 'borderline' content
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