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nion Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya on Monday virtually interacted with about 100 doctors from across the country and members of the Indian Medical Association.

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During the interaction, he said that while it is important to be on the alert and follow Covid Appropriate Behaviour including wearing of masks, it is equally important to prevent an infodemic and share only authentic and verified information on Covid-19.

"Union Ministry of Health has been sharing information on various aspects of Covid prevention and management. I urge everyone to access and share only verified information and encourage others to also do so.

"You have been our ambassadors during the country's fight against Covid-19. I value your contribution and salute the selfless dedication and service of the healthcare professionals. I urge you to be our partners and ambassadors to prevent an infodemic by educating the public on various aspects of the Covid-19 disease and its prevention and management aspects," he said, expressing confidence that doctors would continue to work dedicatedly in this fight, as they have been doing till now.

Mandaviya emphasised on mitigating even the slightest sense of panic in the citizens by making them aware about current status of Covid-19 data, the vaccination programme, and government efforts, and cautioned against complacency. He urged on adherence to 'Test-Track-Treat-Vaccinate iamp; Adherence to Covid Appropriate Behaviour' and uptake of precaution doses for the vulnerable groups.

"Only this way we will be able to preserve the gains made so far through continued collective efforts," he stressed.

Informing the doctors about the mock drill planned for Tuesday, Mandaviya emphasised that "based on our previous experience of managing this pandemic, we are undertaking several exercises, one such being the mock drill that will happen across the country tomorrow. Such exercises would help our operational readiness, help in filling gaps if any and will consequently strengthen our public health response".

Mandaviya interacts with IMA doctors, urges them to join fight against Covid

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