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s enterprises of all sizes double down on their digital transformation journey in India, Technopark-incubated Ospyn Technologies is providing reliable digital transformation solutions to various industries in the country, helping them transform from paper-based processes and manual processes to digital operations.

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Launched in 2000, Ospyn offers digital transformation solutions to government, banking and financial institutions, healthcare, and educational institutions. It has an expanding client base across India, the Middle East and Africa.

Kishore Kumar, Director and CTO, Ospyn, told IANS that Cloud technology has enabled the company to offer some of the document processing capabilities at scale to its customers.

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Q What is the mission and vision of Ospyn? What is your USP?

A Ospyn is a digital transformation player delivering a platform-based solutions approach to our customers. Our Low Code Content Services Platform (CSP), OspynDocs, enables creation and roll-out of business vertical solutions at a reduced turn-around time (TAT).

OspynDocs has many accelerators in various domains to enable rapid customization and roll-out of domain specific solutions.

Over all these years, Ospyn has been a reliable digital transformation partner to various BFSIs, government organisations, and other verticals helping them transform from paper based processes and manual processes to digital operations.

Q Tell us about how you are leveraging AI, ML and the OspynDocs Content Services Platform?

A OspynDocs low-code CSP has all the core capabilities to manage the entire life-cycle of the content from capture, indexing, classification, storage, retrieval, content generation, collaboration, workflow till disposal.

Across all these areas, we leverage AI and ML to provide better value to our customers. For instance, our customer on-boarding solution for banks uses a set of AI-based services that does document categorization and intelligent document processing.

This will enable banks to process and complete customer on-boarding faster and more efficiently.

Q You work with clients across government to BFSI & NBFCs? Can you tell us about some of your customer success stories?

A OspynDocs Content Services Platform is used by many banks in India and the UAE. OspynDocs comes with many banking solution accelerators for Customer on-boarding CASA, e-KYC, re-KYC, CKYC, Service Request Fulfillment, Office Note solution, etc.

The immediate advantage is faster turnaround time for roll-out and at the same time ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

One of the major public sector banks in South India have customized and deployed multiple solutions under one platform. This enabled the client to get a central master data for customers and enabled cross selling much easier.

Another banking client developed and deployed more than 20 solutions in a time-frame of six months and ensured that their manual processes are now digital.

An housing finance client in North India is using Ospyn's solutions for storing loan documents and hence efficiently collaborating between their branch offices.

A government-owned financial institution uses Ospyna�s platform for automating the securitization process collecting customer security documents, validating the documents and processing their approval flow.

Q What are the must have qualities of a successful CTO today?

A Today's CTO should not only be a technology expert but also a master in understanding the business drivers and the business impact. CTO should understand the current technology trends and at the same time evaluate the future directions of these trends well in advance.

He/she should be able to make suitable forecasts on the prevailing technology realm and its performance over the years. Further, a successful CTO should drive innovation in the organisation.

Q What has cloud technology enabled you to do better?

A Ospyn has several services hosted on AWS. AWS has enabled Ospyn to offer some of the document processing capabilities at scale to its customers.

Ospyn's document storage and imaging service uses AWS services like Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Amazon SNS and Amazon API Gateway for providing storage and imaging functionality to OspynDocs SaaS as well as on-premise clients.

Ospyn also has many clients using fully managed dedicated hosted OspynDocs in AWS.

Ospyn transforming Indian enterprises from paper-based era to digital

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