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ltra runner Sameer Singh will be the star attraction in the Malwa Marathon to be held in Indore on December 18.

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Expressing his excitement about this marathon, Sameer Singh, a runner who has been a part of a 10,000 km ultra-race, said, "Running is very important for a healthy lifestyle. We want to see a society where we all enjoy a healthy life. I expect all the runners of Indore and Malwa region to be a part of this marathon race."

The marathon is divided into three main categories - Half Marathon (21 km), Open Run (10 km) and Dream Run (5 km).

The winner of the marathon will get prizes up to Rs 336,000, while other winners will be given trophies and certificates. All the participants will be given gift hampers through a lucky draw along with medals and certificates.

Talking about the Malwa Marathon 'Daudega Indore' competition, Pushkar Mehta, Organizer, Malwa Marathon said, "Indore is among the top cities in cleanliness and other such matters. To revive the routine of exercise in our daily schedules, we have organized this marathon. We believe that along with our star runner Sameer Singh, residents of Indore and Malwa will hit the streets to make the marathon a success and give the message of health and cleanliness to the country.

"With extensive voluntary collaboration with existing civic bodies and local authorities in various states and cities across the country, our mission is to drive the youngsters towards better health."

Malwa Marathon to be held in Indore on December 18

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