Microsoft introduces polls to make meetings more engaging in Teams

New Delhi, Nov 24: Microsoft has introduced 'polls' that will offer users a way to create polls right away with the Microsoft Forms app, making meetings more engaging in Teams.

Microsoft introduces 'polls' to make meetings more engaging in Teams

This feature will allow users to get the answers they're looking for without leaving their meeting or group chat, according to an official report.

To post a poll in a Teams channel or get instant feedback in a chat pane, go to the channel or chat you want to include a poll in, then at the bottom of your Teams window, select Forms, then add your question - and - Answer options.

Furthermore, if you want to allow multiple answers, click or tap the toggle next to Multiple answers, also select whether you want to share results automatically after voting and/or keep responses anonymous, then select Save.

Finally, preview your poll, and then click Edit if you want to make changes or click Send if you're ready to post it.

The group conversation will display real-time poll results as users take the poll, said the report.

For teams that need a quick way to launch a poll during a meeting or virtual chat, Microsoft Forms can be a useful way to get answers and feedback in real time, the report added.

Microsoft introduces 'polls' to make meetings more engaging in Teams
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