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ar veterans have urged the government to build a National War Museum for armed forces.

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"We have fought many wars in the past decades. Our armed forces have done a great job in defending the nation. It is time that a National War Museum comes up to honour them," said war veteran while speaking at the Military Literature Festival here.

In 2014, the government had announced the creation of the National War Memorial and National War Museum at the Central Vista, New Delhi.

While the National War Memorial came up next to India Gate in February 2019, the museum project ran into litigation since none of the three designs selected by jury of 12 people from different walks of life met the parameters listed in the design competition brief.

An area of 10.4 acres stands allotted for the museum in the Princess Park next to India Gate.

The design competition brochure of the museum contains eight objectives-portrayal of military heroics, deeds and campaigns, exhibition of relics and records from ancient times, display of items of military interest, profile human experience which shaped development of country and national character, awareness of military heritage, challenges which are faced by armed forces, act as an educational, research and archive establishment with facilities and attract domestic and foreign visitors.

Retired Gen Lalotra and Air Marshall Diptendu shared their ideas on management, scope, bridging past with future, knowledge dissemination and gave examples of many domestic and international museums.

"Instead of calling it National War Museum, it should be called 'National Defence Museum' where a steering committee is appointed having people from the Ministry of Culture, defence, historians etc," said Gen Lalotra.

CMDE Kesnur spoke about new age museums, need for experiential, interactive and immersive methods of engagement while Sqn Ldr Chhina highlighted the need for recording, research, collection and many other issues which concerns the project.

Veterans demand National War Museum

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