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spresso originated in Italy, appreciated and embraced by countries all over the world. Enjoy a cup of delicious strong and aromatic espresso on November 23 as we celebrate World Espresso Day!

Espresso is a concentrated form of coffee served in small, strong shots served in demitasse and is the base for many coffee drinks. A good espresso always comes with an unmistakable appearance, intense fragrance, rich aroma, full-bodied and aromatic.

Here are some interesting Espresso recipes curated by Abdul Sahid Khan, Head Trainer, Lavazza India

Irish Coffee IB (ice blended)

Strong frozen espresso coffee you should try making at home. It's a tasty, delicious and very simple recipe, and can be tried with alcohol.


60ml Espresso shot

100ml sweetened cream

20ml irish flavour

1 small Cadbury bar

4-6 ice cubes

Whipped cream for garnish


Brew espresso using darker roast like puro gusto or gusto crema.

In a blender add all the ingredients with fresh espresso and blend it smooth.

Pour it into glass and garnish with whipped cream. Enjoy!

You can replace Irish flavour with 30ml of Irish whiskey.

Houseblend Lemonade

Surprise your friends and colleagues with your favourite blend. This espresso lemonade is refreshing, flavourful, easy to make, and with an amazing aroma.


45ml Espresso shot

20ml Simple syrup

15ml Lemon juice

100ml water

4-6 ice cubes

2 slices of lemon for garnish


Brew espresso using medium roast blend, remove crema.

Put all 3 ingredients into a cocktail shaker including ice cubes and shake it well.

Pour it into chilled pilsner, top it with extra ice cubes and garnish with lemon slices.

Enjoy your refreshing houseblend lemonade.

Espresso Mocha Smoothie

This coffee is the perfect combination of freshly brewed espresso and chocolate. You'll love the sweetness of chocolate and strong coffee flavour with richness of whipped cream on the top.


45ml Espresso shot

100ml almond milk

1 banana, frozen

1 scoop chocolate powder

2-4 ice cubes

whipped cream


Brew espresso using medium roast blend,cool it down.

Put all ingredients into a blender and mix until smooth.

Serve in a glass and garnish with whipped cream.

Add additional toppings of your choice, Enjoy!

Roasted Almond Mocha

This espresso based hot coffee is magical! It's nutty, chocolaty, delicious and must try coffee. It's pure vegan coffee.


45ml Espresso shot

15ml Dark Chocolate Syrup

150ml almond milk

Roasted almond flakes for garnish

Whipped Cream to topping


Extract freshly brew espresso into your favourite mug.

Add dark chocolate and mix well with espresso.

Steam and froth almond milk and pour it into espresso.

Top it with whipped cream and roasted almond flakes.

Garnish with some more dark chocolate sauce, enjoy!

Cardamom Vanilla Latte

This Indian chai inspired espresso coffee is aromatic, easy to make hot drink at home using capsule pod espresso with steam milk.


30ml Espresso shot

150ml milk

15ml vanilla flavour

Small pinch of cardamom

Dash of cinnamon

Whipped cream from garnish (optional)


Extract freshly brew espresso into your favourite ceramic cup.

Add pinch of cardamom and dash of cinnamon into cup, mix well with espresso.

Steam and froth milk and pour it into espresso making some latte art.

For more creamier options, top it with whipped cream. Enjoy!

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Celebrating World Espresso Day!

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