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ritya Katha - Dance stories for children', published by The National Book Trust of India consists of nine stories about nine different Indian dance forms. In each story, a child discovers a beautiful Indian classical dance form.

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This unique book of dance stories and its exquisite illustrations take us through the world of children today on a roller-coaster of holidays, shifting homes, watching performances, learning new art forms, and finding out how technology meets culture. It is an exploration of India through her incredible dance forms, seen through the eyes of a child.

The book was launched at The Gandhi Centre, in The Hague, Netherlands by Reenat Sandhu, the Indian Ambassador to the Netherlands. It was received with great applause by the Dutch and Surinamese community, and a Dutch publisher already seeks its dutch translation rights.

The book also illustrates India, its traditions, culture, art, diversity, and well-being, which are embedded in Indian art forms. Uniquely situated between the visual, literary, and performing arts, they are visually exquisite books. A lot of parents and grandparents would love to buy this book. (IANSlife can be contacted at

Dance stories for children

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