Nanotechnology: The art of enhancing skincare like never before!

New Delhi, Sep 29: What would you do if you wanted to learn something new or know something in depth? You're going to try to know everything, right? Even the smallest details of the subject.

It is a reliable method for everything.

This is how nanotechnology functions.

Its minute form digs deep into the problem and eradicates it from the roots.

Nanotechnology: The art of enhancing skincare like never before!

Nanotechnology, as the name implies, is concerned with the most minute details. It is the branch of science and engineering in which phenomena occur at nanometre scales.

Nanotechnology has been a personal favourite of cosmetics manufacturers for better UV protection, deeper skin penetration, increased colour, finish quality, and long-lasting effects. So far, products such as make-up remover, facial cleanser, anti-aging lotion, sun-screens, and other water-based cosmetic formulations have shown the best results with the technology.

Understanding nanotechnology

Nanotechnology, in layman's terms, is technology at its most basic. It entails controlling whatever matter it comes into contact with at the nanometer scale. This scale also deals with dimensions ranging from 1 to 100 nanometers. To grasp the concept of a nanometer, consider that it is an extremely small unit of length - a billionth (10-9) of a metre.

This tiny nature produces precise results at the speed of light. It leaves no stone unturned and, when used correctly, can reach great heights. However, with larger tasks come greater responsibilities. On a nanometer scale, materials may exhibit unusual properties. And even minor changes in size can completely alter the properties.

How nanotechnology is transforming skin care?

People's concern for eyecare has grown as a result of irregular working hours and never-ending internet scrolling.

Among the many products on the market, those based on nanotechnology have proven to be the most suitable. The under eye gel serum formula incorporates cutting-edge nanotechnology. Ingredients are subjected to an advanced particle size reduction process, in which particles are reduced to less than 50 nanometres in size. The smaller the product, the more effective it is.

The products' extremely small nano-particles allow them to penetrate the skin 20 times faster. It spreads evenly and targets the affected area for better absorption. Anything touching more or less than the target area may fail to produce the desired results in sensitive skin. This is an area where nanotechnology excels. Furthermore, such products undergo extensive dermatological and ophthalmological testing before entering the market, making them the safest to rely on.

Benefits and impact on skincare

Because of its effective approach to skincare, manufacturers are using nanotechnology in a wide range of cosmetics.

According to studies, the average adult uses nine cosmetic products per day. These are among the most widely used products in the world and are available in a variety of forms these days, but not all of them are effective and provide long-term results. Nanotechnology's minute size makes it ideal for any skincare routine or requirement. As a result, it is preferred for almost any product that must specifically remove the problem from its roots. Issues such as dark circles and puffy eyes necessitate the most extensive use of nanotechnology to restore the freshness of the targeted area like never before.

(Namrata Vardam, Product Executive, Entod beauty London)

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Nanotechnology: The art of enhancing skincare like never before!
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