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ith the onset of the joyous and exuberant days of festivities ahead, one cannot help but feel resolute and optimistic. In a tribute to the anticipation of the heartening days ahead, homegrown, everyday wear brand, trueBrowns launches its latest collection, Maati, in association with ace actor, Chitrangda Singh, not only helming the hat of the co-creator but, also as the face of this festive edit.

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Maati presents an alluring selection of 59 styles, quintessential for the upcoming festive days, integrating luxe fabrics, and exclusive designs, however, not drifting away from its core design mantra - comfort. With Chitrangda preaching the same design aesthetic as that of the brand, which is, minimalism, the collection brings to the foreground, pieces that address, functional festive. Comprising of fusion wear with ethnic silhouettes and modern cuts, the brand has played with an extensive range of hues, varying from dainty pastels to festive brights.

Elated with coming on board as the co-creator and face of this collection, Chitrangda Singh, says, "trueBrowns is a brand that speaks volumes about today's traditional yet modern woman. I have always believed in standing tall and strong because I sincerely feel that women are allowed to make their own choices and decisions."

IANSlife caught up with Chitrangda to get more details on the collaboration.

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Style over comfort?

Chitrangada There is always style over comfort because of our professional commitments. I am always dying to get into my pyjamas once I get back home. So yes, it is style over comfort for me.Your go to style and fashion aesthetic?

Chitrangada For me, it has always been very classic, simple, straight lines along with clean silhouettes. I personally love colours, therefore anything with jewel tones that one can play with, as in my opinion they work beautifully on our brown skin tone. I believe that less is more aesthetically. I love working with classics, with a more vintage look and cut as I feel that, that is something that has always worked for me.You have over a million followers on Instagram, how important is it to be a celebrity influencer in this day and age to remain relevant?

Chitrangada I believe it is important. Social media has become such a relevant part of our lives, and not only for celebrities but everyone in general. It has become a necessity to communicate with people and for us, even more. Having said that, I am not someone who is fiercely active on social media, I feel that you remain relevant with the kind of work that you put out. For me as an actor, it is important that my work is relevant.

Of course, one is so much more beyond being just an actor but, you must be real and authentic too. It is impossible to keep up a facade for too long. I do not believe in faking it just to increase my follower count. Staying true to yourself will get you genuine followers with whom you will enjoy interactions too.

Would you like to foray into OTT and do you have any projects in the pipeline?

Chitrangada Well, I have already forayed into OTT with Modern Love, which was an anthology. It was titled, Cutting Chai and I worked with Arshad Warsi for the same. I am yet to do a full flagged series which I am awaiting and I hope I can come by something which is interesting enough. I feel when you are part of a series, it is very important for the content to be good enough to hold the audiences for such a long period of time as opposed to a two-hour long film. I am really looking forward to it and this is the way to go. OTT is the future and I hope I get something exciting soon.

How did you choose trueBrowns for the association and what synergies do you feel compliment your own?

Chitrangada Well, with trueBrowns, I thought it was very instant because like I said, my go-to is always clean silhouettes, minimal style, with a certain feminine feel to the whole look. The brand caters to all kinds of styles, be it a day or an evening look. It is for the everyday Indian women who are not trying to be western all the time and are more rooted in their tradition. The colours of the collection also compliment the Indian skin colour which makes it more relatable to us. There are a lot of jewel tones, which are part of my personal collection too, keeping it very simple and having a high quality of fabric which helps in draping. All these elements instantly checked my list and made me agree to be a part of it. The whole ideology behind the brand and the way Udita portrays Indian women and creates that benchmark of what real Indian women are, that is, traditional yet modern in their own way. The entire thought process behind this brand was so relatable for me and after I met her, it was an instant yes. I really enjoyed working on the new collection and I am happy to have started this relationship with them.

Delighted with the latest collection and getting Chitrangda on board, Udita Bansal, Founder, trueBrowns, says, "This is our first celebrity collaboration and we could not have asked for someone better suited than Chitrangda to accompany us on this journey. It is extremely fortunate that our vision, design aesthetics, and views have been so in sync and that is reflected in the collection itself. The collaboration has been very harmonious and we hope that this association is just the first of many more to come."

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I do not believe in faking it to increase my follower count: Chitrangada Singh

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