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oroscope predictions of the year 2022 for the Zodiac Sign Pisces

Yearly Horoscope '2022 Predictions with General Forecast, Career, Sign, Ruling Planet, Ruling House, Element, Compatible Zodiac Signs, Birth Date, Personalities born under Pisces, Lucky Colors, Lucky Numbers for the Zodiac Sign Pisces.

Your zodiac sign is Pisces, if your birthday is between Feb 19 - Mar 20

Pisces, The Dreamer. Your qualities include Kind, Thoughtful, Imaginative, Sensitive and Selfless.

Sign: Fish

Ruling planet: Neptune/Jupiter

Ruling house: 12th House

Element: Water

Compatible zodiac signs: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn

Incompatible zodiac signs: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Span/Date :February 19 to March 20

General forecast 2022 for Pisces:

Get set to experience uniqueness through unity on 2022. The Piscean can expect to connect with the divine and contemplate on the changes that are slated to take place. You will receive a boost and all prepared to brace for the challenges.

All the transformations would be positive and desirable. Uranus, which had been with you and caused considerable trouble for the past four years, is all set to relieve you and this must be a welcome news for all who are desperate to seek liberation. All the inner confusions that you had been harboring will be put to rest at long last and you would feel the freedom of joy at the alleviation of the chaos. You can anticipate a warm and bright future ahead as you would develop a clear perspective on life.

The ruler of Pisces is Jupiter and its characteristic features comprising of wisdom and optimism will render a deep positive impact on your life. It is slated to enter on January 17 and then after a gap of a brief period, will accompany you till January 22 of the following year. This will help you to pursue your interests with added zeal.

Jupiter is also set to conjoin with Uranus on June 8, 2022, September 18, 2022 and January 4, 2011. This will usher in some intellectual revolutions and you will also experience a pleasant feel of strong intuitions. This will also bring about an alteration in the direction of your life and your life will experience a change for the better.

A certain degree of restrictions will be imposed by Saturn and this will be good for you in the long run. It will help to restrain your financial liberties, thus paving the way for precious financial security in the future. You also get a chance to redefine your emotions and accordingly align them with the realities in life. This entails that there will be a natural imposition of structure and discipline which will deliver amazing results as you combine them effectively with patience, persistence and smart planning.

The co-ruler of Pisces is Neptune. It will work in tandem with Saturn to present you with a whole new opportunity of seeking essential attributes of meaningful application of knowledge. Certain intuitive aspects like compassion, imagination and idealism will work in unison to help you attain your objectives and emerge as a better you.

As you develop your life, you will be able to bring about positive changes in the lives of those around you too. Those who are harboring some impossible and impractical results will be able to realize their futility and this will aid in their process of self realization and face the world in a more adept manner. Your idea of an ideal life will reach fruition as the South Node of Cancer occupies the 5th House of Creativity. You will attain success in collaborative projects too.

Career forecast 2022 for Pisces:

As Mars enters the 6th House of Work and Service, you will feel the surge in energy. As you review and revise your projects, you will be able to decide appropriately on what is right for you. You will attain clarity of vision. Then, as Jupiter conjoins with Uranus on June 8 and September 18, you can expect to explore some exciting unchartered territories that will eventually deliver amazing results.

Love forecast 2022 for Pisces:

As Saturn visits the House of Partnerships on April 7 and stays till July 21, you will get an opportunity to chalk out and alleviate those elements that have been hindering your relationship. You will reach a stage of consolidation and peace. Mars and Cancer will help you build a communication channel between your emotions and actions and this will help you in tyour endeavor.

Lucky color forecast 2022 for Pisces:

Lilac, purple, sea-green

Lucky number forecast 2022 for Pisces:

3,7,12,21, 25, 30, 34, 43, 52

Great Pisceans: Albert Einstein, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, James Madison

Pisces Yearly Horoscope 2022

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