Ohio Principal Encourages Creativity to Continue Driving Academic Success with Remote Learning

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EUCLID, Ohio: One Ohio school leader is motivated to continue driving academic excellence at her school virtually, through remote learning, knowing that she is impacting the lives of many students who come from a similar background as hers.

I grew up not too far from Pinnacle and went to the public school in the area, said Charlena Hunt, principal at Pinnacle Academy. I want my students to see and know that they can be successful. If I did it, there is no reason they can't do it.

Hunt reflected that transitioning Pinnacle Academy, a National Heritage Academies (NHA) school in Euclid, to remote learning has presented new challenges, but she has not shied away from the opportunity to grow alongside her colleagues.

Hunt has been working diligently to identify resources to keep students connected with technology and traditional learning materials throughout the closure, allowing learning to continue on and offline. NHA collaborated with its school leaders, providing remote learning packets to all its students. This has enabled her students to remain connected to their teachers, even while away from school.

During the closure, Hunt continues to find new ways to connect with her teachers. From technology tutorials to tech-savvy IT-related work, each staff member has played a vital role in ensuring the transition went smoothly. She is open to different techniques to continue driving academic excellence and has been encouraging her staff to connect with students in unique ways. Whether by phone or through video chat, her primary focus is offering reassurance and finding ways to keep students engaged.

We let teachers get creative with their styles, she shared. We have very creative teachers and want them to feel as if they can have some fun with students, even if it's virtually. Several teachers use music in their virtual lessons to increase engagement, others are urging students to interact via chat.

I have gotten so many emails from parents thanking us and NHA for our support and efforts during this time, said Hunt. It feels amazing to know that what we are doing is best for families.

Ohio Principal Encourages Creativity to Continue Driving Academic Success with Remote Learning

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