Virtual Armchair Explorer Tours Entice Consumers to Dream Now and Travel Later

NEW YORK: Staying home doesn't mean you can't explore the world right from the comfort of your armchair, sofa or bed, say travel advisors at Travel Leaders Group who send their clients the recently launched Armchair Explorer -- an inspirational series of emails with social graphics, eBooks, videos, virtual tours and articles.

The emails, chockful of engaging travel options, are delivered every Thursday for 12 weeks to approximately 2 million consumers who have already opted in. Due to the popularity, starting with Week 3 revealed on April 16, Armchair Explorer can also be opened as a digital magazine layout using a link in the email.

With Armchair Explorer, travelers can fill their extra time with dreams of travel, said J.D. O'Hara, CEO of Travel Leaders Group, North America's largest travel agency company. Travelers can virtually explore from the comfort of their homes, letting their minds wander the earth to sample a world of experiences until they can travel later to their desired destination.

As the first email in the series states, time is something many of us have more of lately, which makes now a great time to sit back, relax and let our minds wander free.

The Armchair Explorers distributed so far have included such as entries on the best places to whale watch, breathtaking virtual tours of national parks and some of the finest museums in the world, such as the Louvre in Paris and the Guggenheim in New York. It included links to several audiobooks, including Tracks by Robyn Davidson, following a courageous young woman's journey through the Australian desert, and The Art of Travel in which author Alain de Botton gives a philosophical examination of why and how we travel. Clients were also able to explore several wonders of the world, including The Taj Mahal in India, The Colosseum in Rome, Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, as well as hike the Great Wall of China and explore the Pyramids of Giza. Consumers can enjoy these destinations and more from the comfort of their home in anticipation of traveling there in the future.

As Armchair Explorers, consumers can enjoy these destinations and more from home while helping prevent the spread of the coronavirus, said O'Hara. We know people want to be safe, but they also have a natural desire to explore the world around them. The Armchair Explorer emails help to satisfy those desires. When this crisis ends, and travelers are ready to turn those travel dreams into reality, our advisors will be here with additional ideas and advice about a host of journeys.

Travelers who receive Armchair Explorer emails are current clients of advisors affiliated with Travel Leaders Group, including those from Travel Leaders Network, Barrhead Travel, Nexion Travel Group, CruCon Cruise Outlet, Cruise Specialists and Travel Leaders Vacation Centers. To opt in to advisor emails, armchair explorers can visit to connect with a travel advisor of their choice.

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Virtual Armchair Explorer Tours Entice Consumers to Dream Now and Travel Later