Neuro Brands Expands Lifestyle Beverage Line with Debut of Shelf-Stable Live Probiotic Drink PROBUCHA

LOS ANGELES: Neuro Brands, LLC, a leader in the healthier lifestyle beverage space, including the high growth categories of refreshing energy, relaxation, sleep, daily and digestive health, has officially debuted its new revolutionary digestive health beverage, PROBUCHA.

With the name derived from its two main ingredients - Probiotics and Kombucha, PROBUCHA is one of the few shelf-stable live probiotic drinks on the market.

PROBUCHA is a lightly carbonated probiotic drink, naturally flavored with meyer lemon and ginger that not only tastes great but can help in digestion. While PROBUCHA is designed in the style of Kombucha, its probiotic benefits are derived from a single ingredient called Bacillus subtilis. This makes it safe to store at room temperature, allowing consumers to save their much-needed fridge space and buy in larger quantities.

We are delighted to be launching PROBUCHA online and in stores nationwide, said Neuro Brands CEO Diana Jenkins in a statement. PROBUCHA is an amazing addition to our growing line of drinks, each meeting a unique need for our customers. PROBUCHA is a truly unique product that was formulated to give our customers a wonderful aid to their digestive health while actually tasting great. We are truly thrilled to bring one of the only few shelf-stable live probiotic drinks to the market, especially for those individuals who desire better digestive health but don't want a traditional kombucha beverage.

Each ingredient in PROBUCHA plays a role in restoring, rebuilding or promoting better digestive function. Ginger, curcumin, a hefty amount of apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp per bottle), fermented kombucha tea and the shelf-stable live probiotic Bacillus subtillus, clinically studied for its beneficial effects upon the digestive system. Kombucha serves as a helpful prebiotic ingredient in PROBUCHA, giving PROBUCHA both a prebiotic and probiotic ingredient combination.

neuro has become a favorite go-to beverage choice of pop culture's elite, with the entire line specially formulated with the highest quality ingredients from sustainable sources. neuro drinks meet the diverse needs of consumers as a vegan, gluten-free, certified kosher and low-calorie option. PROBUCHA joins the colorful array of drinks with a purpose SONIC, to increase attention and boost energy; BLISS, to reduce stress; SLEEP, to relax and create a better sleep; GASM, to increase drive and stamina; TRIM, to improve digestion and control appetite; and AQUA, for premium hydration.

PROBUCHA is available now via Amazon and in Walmart stores nationwide, with more retail locations to be announced soon. For more information and to purchase, visit

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Neuro Brands Expands Lifestyle Beverage Line with Debut of Shelf-Stable Live Probiotic Drink PROBUCHA