New Product Makes Learning at Home Fun

PORTLAND, Ore: With the closure of schools throughout the nation, many parents are having a tough time playing the role of teacher, especially when there are multiple children of different ages and a limited amount of laptop computers to go around. A new educational toy company based out of Portland, Oregon believe they have the perfect product for parents in this present situation and beyond. It's called the HandMoto. (

The HandMoto is a portable, dry erase activity board where any standard 8 ½ x 11 printed content can be instantly inserted to change the background for unlimited uses and activities. The printed materials are never wasted. Since the HandMoto in a sense 'becomes' whatever content is inserted, stay at home parents can now print up any lessons, games, school activities, and more, and the printed content is never actually marked up, so they can be used over and over again.

With travel restrictions and most families staying at home, because of the fact that parents can print any content on their home printer and insert it into the HandMoto for learning and fun, the company believes the HandMoto will be a life-saver to many families stressing over finding new things to do.

HandMoto's parent company, Moto Sign and Media Corporation's first goal was to create a means of delivering information in a manner that was safe, valuable and sustainable for both the user and the planet. (no materials are wasted or become landfill in the HandMoto System). The next goal was to provide the best possible educational (yet fun) materials available today. HandMoto received the Gold Standard ASTM F963 Certification for Child Safety. HandMoto's boards, pens, erasers, and packaging are 100% made in the USA. HandMoto's educational team works with hundreds of authors to develop courses and cutting edge content for ages three to a hundred!

Gene Anderson, the company's CEO says, The HandMoto is an eco-friendly learning tool that is both safe and sustainable. Our content (inserts) promise to be the best educational materials available today for all ages, created by experts that will accommodate both children's and adults' learning experiences for years to come.

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New Product Makes Learning at Home Fun