Fleet Complete Offers Free Service until July 31st to Customers with GM Vehicles

TORONTO: Fleet Complete, the fastest-growing global provider of connected vehicle solutions, today announced its fleet assistance program with free service until July 31, 2020, for those with OnStar-enabled GM vehicles (most Model Year 2015 or newer vehicles, equipped with compatible OnStar hardware).

The new program is launched in an effort to help fleet-owning businesses in North America gain safety and operational efficiency.

The latest events have been devastating to many businesses across various industries, comments Tony Lourakis, founder and CEO of Fleet Complete. Today, businesses work in a new reality with new challenges, and we at Fleet Complete want to help in some way. This is why we are collaborating with GM to provide an operational platform to assist fleets in a time of need with temporary free service. Companies can take advantage of this technology without relying on personnel for installation because it is enabled remotely. The setup is quick, and you can start using it for free, without delay.

Fleet Complete's telematics service provides fleet owners and their staff a comprehensive remote management platform to help tackle common business challenges, such as

Over-the-air software activation on GM vehicles newer than 2015 with OnStar for contactless implementation;
Remote visibility of staff to stay updated on activities and jobs completed throughout the day, with no office depot open;
Allocating jobs to the closest available mobile workers and promptly communicating updates to customers;
Higher efficiency of operations through automation, allowing to complete more jobs with the same resources;
Mobile tracking of vehicles and other high-value assets for theft protection and fast recovery;
Creating customized vehicle inspection reports for drivers to comply with the new recommended health and safety recommendations;
Having accurate data for billing and payroll with GPS location and time stamps.

Telematics service benefits both types of businesses - those who already have fleet-operating services set up but are looking for optimization, and those who are looking to create a new arm of their business that employs vehicles for home deliveries in order to continue their line of work.

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Fleet Complete Offers Free Service until July 31st to Customers with GM Vehicles