How TSE Entertainment Is Responding To The Coronavirus Pandemic

HOUSTON: In a time where major entertainment businesses around the world are all but closing their doors by laying off their employees and cutting back spending, TSE Entertainment is taking an opposite approach.

Rather than hunker down and wait for the storm to end, TSE is taking this time to invest in their ability to help talent buyers and their venues by hiring more staff, adding additional resources for their clients, and working with local and national charity initiatives to support the industry.

We don't have the resources that some major international agencies have, but our Texas-based agency is doing our part to help with relief for artists, restaurant and club workers, Robert M. Brecht, TSE managing partner, said. Those efforts are outlined below.

TSE's efforts include

Identifying and vetting several sponsorship groups to assist their clients in raising sponsorship funds for their events. TSE's goal is to help their clients come out of this pandemic stronger.
Adding a public relations and music journalism capability to TSE to provide helpful news and information about their client's events and the artists they represent.
Adding geographically placed agents who can meet face to face with clients to better learn how they can help them with their entertainment needs.
Donating ten percent of all booking income for April to charities supporting artists.
Working pro bono with Duh Bomb Productions and Cumulus Media out of Denver to construct a Web Stage to serve as an online telethon to raise donations to support local restaurants preparing To-Go meals for people affected by the current crisis

People are experiencing another pandemic. It's called 'Cabin Fever.' We want to position ourselves to be in a better situation to serve the live entertainment industry when the fever breaks, Mike Black, another TSE managing partner, said.

TSE strongly believes that every problem is an opportunity and looks forward to when we can all get back to enjoying and supporting the live entertainment industry.

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How TSE Entertainment Is Responding To The Coronavirus Pandemic