FreshAddress Releases Game-changing Insights to its Free List Check Email Hygiene Tool

NEWTON, Mass: FreshAddress, LLC, the leader in email marketing database services, is now offering marketers never-before-seen visibility into their email databases for free through its Free List Check technology.

Free List Check is an email analytics engine that helps marketers quickly assess the health of their email lists. It provides a fast, easy, and free way to scan your email list for problems that have a negative impact on deliverability, inbox placement, open rates, and conversions.

Enhanced Insights

Free List Check now provides a comprehensive summary report of a user's input file. This includes actual counts of the toxic and damaging emails in a file, such as spamtraps and honeypots. The upgraded report also includes more than 20 new categories, including

Bogus and disposable email addresses
Frequent spam complainers, and
Role accounts

This new level of detail enables marketers to

Go deeper into their files for re-engagement campaigns
Uncover specific problem areas in their email databases
Audit new and existing data sources to prevent bad data from entering their marketing database

Bigger Input Files

Free List Check now accepts files of up to 5 million records, a ten-fold increase from the previous limit of 500,000 records. This makes it easier to scan larger lists without the hassle of breaking them up and piecing together the results.

Offering greater insights and protection for marketers through our Free List Check technology is critical for many marketers who have lost physical contact with their customers, said Bill Kaplan, FreshAddress CEO. With our new enhancements, marketers can go deeper into their files and safely ramp up their sending volumes at a time when they need to explore all revenue opportunities. Leveraging real-time technologies and over 7 terabytes of email-specific activity data from over 10 billion deployments, we've expanded our reporting from 3 to over 25 categories while increasing the maximum input file size by a factor of ten. We're excited to continue to offer this service for free for the foreseeable future.

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FreshAddress Releases Game-changing Insights to its Free List Check Email Hygiene Tool